​Figure Name​ ​Excel ​PDF
1.1​ Annual rates of change in GDP—Israel, advanced economies and developing economies xls pdf
1.2​ Tel Aviv 100 index and the bank shares index xls​​ pdf​
1.3​ The structure of Israel’s banking system doc pdf​
1.4​ The Herfindahl-Hirschman (H) Index and the Concentration Ratio (CR2) for the two largest banks xls​ pdf​
1.5​ International comparison: The Herfindahl-Hirschman (H) Index xls​ pdf​
1.6​ Credit to deposits ratio and credit to assets ratio xls​ pdf​
1.7​ securities portfolio—size and composition xls​ pdf​
1.8​ International comparison of total banking system assets to GDP xls​ pdf​
1.9​ Annual change in balance-sheet credit to principal sectors xls​ pdf​
1.10​ Distribution of balance-sheet credit xls​ pdf​
1.11​ Growth of nominal business sector product, growth of business sector bank credit, and ratio of credit to nominal business sector product xls​ pdf​
1.12​ Yield spread between corporate bonds and CPI-indexed government bonds, by industry xls​ pdf​
1.13​ Average credit risk rating by principal industries xls​ pdf​
1.14​ Ratio of loan loss provisions to total balance sheet credit by principal sector xls​ pdf​
1.15​ Distribution of new mortgages by LTV and PTI xls​ pdf​
1​ Share of new housing loans by indexation segments and interest rate tracks xls​ pdf​
2​ Monthly average new loans granted for the purchase of residential property, and index of home prices xls​ pdf​
3​ The ratio of the balance of housing loans to disposable income xls​ pdf​
4​ Distribution of new loans granted for the purchase of residential property by loan-to-value (LTV) ratio xls​ pdf​
5​ Distribution of new loans for the purchase of residential properties by payment to income ratio xls​ pdf​
Average term to final repayment on new loans for the purchase of residential properties,
by indexing segment and interest rate track
xls​ pdf​
1.16 EDF of Israeli corporations xls​ pdf​
1.17​ Allowance for credit losses to total credit by type of allowance​​ xls​ pdf​
1.18​ International comparison of impaired credit and credit in arrears more than 90 days as a share of credit to the public xls​ pdf​
1.19​ Credit risk of the 100 largest borrowers out of total credit risk xls​ pdf​
1.20​ Total credit of the 100 largest borrowers and distribution of their internal risk rating xls​ pdf​
1.21​ Core Tier 1 capital ratios xls​ pdf​
1.22​ International comparison of the ratio of risk assets to total assets xls​ pdf​
1.23​ International comparison of Tier 1 capital and tangible leverage ratios xls​ pdf​
1.24​ International comparison of impaired loans and loans more than 90 days past due as a share of equity xls​ pdf​
1.25​ Return on Equity (ROE), after tax xls​ pdf​
1.26​ Net interest margin xls​ pdf​
1.27​ International comparison of banking system efficiency ratio xls​ pdf​
1.28​ International comparison of salary expenses as a share of total operating and other expenses xls​ pdf​
1.29​ Historical Macroeconomic Data and Development of Scenarios xls​ pdf​
1.30​ Uniform stress test- development of core capital ratio xls​ pdf​
1.31​ Uniform stress test- development of the return on equity xls​ pdf​
A.1.1​ Average annual risk adjusted return on equity xls​ pdf​
2.1​ Number of Enquiries and Complaints, and Ratio of Justified Complaints xls​ pdf​
2.2​ Distribution of Enquiries by Topic xls​ pdf​
Number of Restricted Customers
xls​ pdf​
Number of Restricted Accounts
xls​ pdf​
The organizational structure of the Banking Supervision Department at the Bank of Israel
ppt​ pdf​