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The Monetary Committee

The Monetary Committee was established under the Bank of Israel Law, 5770-2010. The Monetary Committee has six members: The Governor, who serves as chairperson of the Committee, the Deputy Governor, and an additional Bank employee who is appointed by the Governor. The other three members of the Committee are representatives of the public.

The Monetary Committee’s functions are:

  • To set policy, including monetary policy, in order to achieve the Bank’s objectives
  • To monitor the execution of the set policy
  • To decide on actions, pursuant to the Bank of Israel Law, that the Bank must take in order to achieve the Bank’s objectives.
  • Any other function assigned to it by the Bank of Israel Law

Members of the Monetary Committee

  • Prof. Amir Yaron

  • Mr. Andrew Abir​

    Deputy Governor​
  • Dr. Adi Brender

    Director of the Research Department
  • Prof. Zvi Hercowitz

    ​Member of the Monetary Committe
  • Prof. Naomi Feldman

    Member of the Monetary Committe​​