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Visitors Center

Purpose of the Center

  • To familiarize the public with the Bank's main functions and its contribution to Israel's economy; 
  • To present the historical development of money in Israel and the reflection of the nation's and the State's heritage in the design of banknotes and coin
  • A visit to the Center is instructive and interesting, and incorporates: 

o An exhibition of ancient coins, banknotes and coins issued from pre-State days to the present; 

o Interactive activity stations which explain, by means of computer games, the functions of the Bank of Israel, the history of money, and the contribution of the central bank to the economy; 

Films on the development of the means of payment and the essential role of the Bank–the preservation of price stability.  

 Who are the visitors the Center hopes to attract?

The Visitors Center is intended for the general public, ages 8 years and older

Location of the Center

The Visitors Center is in the Bank of Israel building at 37 Lilienblum street, at the corner of Nahalat Binyamin, Tel Aviv. The Center and all of its facilities are accessible for the disabled

The center Visiting

  • Group visits (including guide) – by advance registration only.
  • Individual visits

The Visitors Center will be open to the general public without prior arrangement

Sunday–Thursday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Visits to the center are free of charge.

For further details and registration:

Phone: 03-564-0781/2  Email:

To arrange a visit, click here.