The Full Report 2019​


Parts of Report​ ​​
​Governor's Letter​
Chapter 1 ​The Economy and Economic Policy​
​Chapter 2 Aggregate Activity: GDP and Employment​
​Chapter 3 Monetary Policy and Inflat​ion​​
​Chapter 4

Financing of the Private Sector in Israel​


​Chapter 5 The Decline in Unemployment in Israel by International Comparison​​


​Chapter 6 ​​The General Government and its Financing​​


​Chapter 7 Welfare Issues​


​Chapter 8

The Housing Market​​

Annual Report 2019, ​Selected Studies​
​​ Who are the Students who Aspire to be Teachers in Israel? Insights from PISA Tests​
Achievement Gaps between Hebrew-Speking and Arabic-Speaking Students​
​Municipal Solid Waste: The Problem and Economic Tools to Deal with It​
Financing Characteristics o High-Tech Companies in Israel
The Middle Class in Arab Society​
The Worldwide War on Global Warming and Its Implications for Israel
Improvement of Public Transport Services and Raising the Cost of Travel by Private Vehicle as Tools For Dealing with Road Congestion​​