The Bank of Israel is publishing a survey today on the public’s preferences in using payment applications and in the actual use of those applications. The survey, conducted in June 2023[1], had the following main findings:

  • Payment cards and cash are rated as the means of payment that are friendliest for Israeli consumers and are the most common in the economy today. They are followed by bank transfers and payment applications.
  • Forty-two percent[2] of total funds transferred via payment applications are for payment for services and products from a business (P2B – person to business).
  • The payment application is viewed as one of the most convenient means of payment—due to 2 features noted as most important by individuals and business—convenience and speed of use.
  • Among the ultra-Orthodox population and the Arab population, preferences for using and executing transactions via payment applications were markedly lower than other population segments.
  • It was found that the schooling level of users had only a minimal impact on the preferences for use of payment applications.
  • Most payment application users pay or receive payments via the applications on a regular basis, rather than on a one-time basis.
  • The users expressed greater desire to make a payment via a payment application when the amount involved is small. This fact was the same for individuals as payment beneficiaries/payers as well as for businesses as payment beneficiaries/payers.
  • There is no substantial difference between the preference patterns of businesses and of individuals in using the applications to send a payment.


To view the full survey click here.


The Bank of Israel’s Payment and Settlement Systems Department examines on a regular basis the conduct of consumers using means of payment, in a range of situations. This is in order to examine barriers to using advanced means of payment and to examine how to integrate innovation in Israel’s payments area.


To examine consumers’ conduct in the payments market, the Payment and Settlement Systems Department periodically conducts surveys using an external research institute. The goal is to understand how various population groups will prefer to pay or receive a payment in a range of scenarios. The scenarios refer to, among other things, the amount of money paid and the reason for the payment. Among other surveys, there are also expenditure diary surveys that examine the actual use of means of payment. Thus, a broad picture can be seen of preferences for use and the actual use.


Payment and Settlement Systems Department Director Mr. Oded Salomy said, “The survey presents several surprising insights, and strengthens our prior understandings regarding the use of means of payment in general, and in payment applications in particular, in Israel. Among these insights, we see the considerable use in payment by consumers to businesses. We will continue to follow and analyze trends in the sector, and publish them,”


[1] The sample was of 1,200 individuals who responded to questions as payers in a transaction, of whom 1,000 continued to respond to questions as receivers of payment in a transaction. In a sample of businesses, 600 were sampled as payers, of which 500 were as payment recipients.

[2] The data presented is a weighted average calculated on the basis of market share seen in results of the samples, among the applications checked.

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