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The Bank of Israel’s new website

The Bank of Israel’s new website

Innovative. Intuitive. Inviting.


The Bank of Israel is the country’s central bank.  This site is the home for all information from and about the Bank of Israel.


The information on this site is organized by topic, rather than by department.  The information is linked in a new structure, and new links are constantly being made as the site goes through testing and launch.  Menus have changed, and the content provided has been updated and refreshed, while the site continues to provide the critical information you need.  Pulldown menus are now available to make it easier for you to find subtopics that are relevant for your information needs. A more powerful search window with automatic fill-in capability is also available on the website’s header.


The content on the website is being converted to new site’s format gradually.  If the content you need has not yet been converted, please try your search a little later, or contact us via the website.


Economic data, such as interest rates, exchange rates, and so forth, now have a new format on the site.  Instructions on how to adapt to the new format have been posted (in Hebrew) for your convenience.  The site now also features an API service to access up-to-date data.


The site also contains updated data presentations using advanced dashboard technology to help query and download data files from the Statistics section (in the menu under Information and Service to the Public).  There is also a link to an external series database where you can query series, view their metadata, view graphs and charts, and export information live through API.  The series database is updated through the Bank of Israel’s databases multiple times a day.  You can find it at


The Bank of Israel’s new website is accessible under the WCAG 2.0 AA standard.  An accessibility consultant has guided its construction at all stages.  There are also regular actions aimed at maintaining a high level of accessibility on the site.  If you encounter accessibility issues, please contact us using the website’s Contact Us page, and we will make sure to correct the problems.  Graphs on the website have been developed using Microsoft PowerBI technology, and are also fully accessible.  To open the accessibility menu, you must have a graph open on the screen, and click on Ctrl+Enter.  An accessibility menu will open on the upper left corner of the graph.


For more information on graph accessibility using PowerBI, please click on:


This page was last updated on: 05/03/2023