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If you think your card has been use without your consent, you have to inform the credit card company immediately to get your money back if it turns out that you are not the one who made the transaction.
For further information, see Cancellation of telephone or online transactions (“Under-documented transactions”).

You can transfer only standing orders (continuing transactions) from the old card to the new card. As for loans and installment transactions, you have to pay them back before canceling the card or switching activity from an old card to a new card.​

A credit card company may send charge cards by mail but must have precautions in place to make sure that the cards reach their owners. If the card does not reach its destination and is used by someone other than its owner, the issuer is liable for any damage sustained by the customer on this account​

No. It’s not a service that they have to provide; instead, it’s a business service that they can decide to give or not give at their discretion.

A bank credit card is issued by a bank (through the offices of a credit card company). The credit facility offered by the card is subordinate to that of the customer’s current (demand) account. A nonbank card is issued by a credit card company that is not necessarily related to a bank. It gives you a credit facility that’s separate from your current account and its charges are debited to the current account via authorization from the customer (standing order).

A customer may cancel charges to a credit card only when the business fails to honor its obligations to the customer and does not deliver the product by the delivery deadline (“failure to deliver full consideration”). The customer may also cancel the charges in a case where the delivery deadline has not passed but the business has permanently stopped providing merchandise of the type purchased in the transaction.
In the case of failure to deliver full consideration, it is recommended to contact the credit card company as soon as possible and tell it what has happened. For further information, see Cancellation due to non-delivery of merchandise.
A customer cannot cancel charges when s/he receives the goods or service but is dissatisfied with them for whatever reason. In this case, the customer has to settle matters directly with the supplier.

If a prepaid card (one that does not allow debiting of a customer’s account) is lost or stolen, the customer is liable to the amount that remains in it. In other words, losing a prepaid card is like losing cash. For further information, see Additional types of cards​.

This page was last updated on: 17/11/2022