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Payment card services

A system that supports making payments at merchants using payment cards.  The system is operated by the SHVA company, and manages the communication network between payment card companies and the card terminals at the merchant’s premises (PoS), and connects card issuers and merchant acquirers.

The system supports most of the world’s payment cards and all types of transactions made using payment cards.  It provides a variety of services, including processing services for merchant acquirers and issuers, switching and collection services, and a settlement interface.

The settlement interface collects the transactions of each merchant acquirer and issuer, and at the end of the process it generates clearing files and a multiparty net file that is sent for settlement in the ZAHAV system.



Automatic Teller Machines

The ATM network operated by SHVA is a national network common to all the banks.  It enables customers of any bank to withdraw money from an ATM belonging to another bank in a manner identical to a normal withdrawal, in a safe and controlled manner.  The ATM system is an interbank switch for ATM withdrawals in which the customer withdraws money from an AMT that is not operated by the issuer of the card used in the withdrawal.

This page was last updated on: 29/01/2024