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Bank of Israel Spokesperson Dr. Yossi Saadon will be appointed Israel’s representative to the World Bank Board of Directors in Washington, DC. Saadon was chosen through a search committee process which was conducted at the Bank of Israel, and his appointment was approved by the Dutch executive director, who is represents the constituency in which Israel is a member in the World Bank. Saadon will step down from his position in July after six years as spokesperson of the Bank. He will begin his new role at the World Bank in August.

Dr. Saadon was appointed as Bank of Israel Spokesperson and Head of Economic Information in May 2007 by the Governor of the Bank of Israel, Prof. Stanley Fischer. Saadon previously served as an economist in the financial stability sector in the Bank. In his six years as Spokesperson, Saadon managed the Bank of Israel’s economic information policy during what was a very challenging time for the economy, when Israel’s economy and Bank management dealt with the global economic crisis and its effects on Israel. In addition, Saadon managed the public relations policy related to issues including legislation of the new Bank of Israel Law, information to the general public, the Bank’s foreign exchange policy, monetary policy, and more. 
Saadon holds a PhD in Economics from Ben-Gurion University, with a major in monetary policy. Saadon is also a lecturer in economics, math, and statistics at Sapir College and at Ben-Gurion University.

The Governor of the Bank of Israel, Prof. Stanley Fischer, thanked Dr. Saadon for his work, “Yossi served as Bank of Israel Spokesperson during a complicated and eventful time, when the Bank of Israel’s policy was supported by unceasing communication efforts vis-à-vis domestic and international media, the economic community, and the general public. He managed the communication policy successfully, and the Bank and I are grateful for that. I am delighted that Yossi was appointed as the Bank of Israel’s representative to the World Bank, and wish him much success in his new role.”