Yair Avidan has officially taken on the position of Supervisor of Banks at the Bank of Israel.  This follows several weeks of overlap with the outgoing Supervisor of Banks Dr. Hedva Ber.

Incoming Supervisor of Banks Yair Avidan: “I am excited and ready to take on the challenging and compelling role as Supervisor of Banks.

The Banking Supervision Department will continue to ensure the stability and continued development of the banking system, and its support of economic activity and the well-being of its customers, while supporting its technological and digital development.  At the same time, we will ensure that the banking system is accessible to all sectors and layers of the population, and we will support the continued opening of the system to competition while maintaining and ensuring transparency and fairness.  Our success in continuing to advance all of these measures, which are clearly not easy to implement all at the same time, will help the banking system’s customers in their situations and ensure the system’s continued viability in the long term.”

Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Amir Yaron said, “Yair comes to the position in a particularly challenging time.  His 30 years of experience in a variety of positions in the banking and financial system have provided him with the necessary knowledge and ability to lead the Banking Supervision Department.  Yair has taken part in professional discussions and decisions concerning the crisis in recent weeks, and has conducted a proper overlap and handover with the outgoing Supervisor, and I think Dr. Ber for that.  We have set ourselves the goals of putting Israel in a leading position regarding banking services and advanced payment services, and increasing competition in the banking system.  I wish Yair much success in his position.”

Attached is a picture for use: Yair Avidan upon entering his new office (credit: Bank of Israel Spokesperson’s Office)