The Bank of Israel launched its new and improved website today.  The website is a channel for the Bank to distribute content to professionals and the broader public.

The Bank of Israel's website serves many clients: households, economists in Israel and abroad, analysts and investors from Israel and abroad, colleagues from central banks throughout the world, government officials, the media, educators, academics, and banking system customers.
The information on the new site is arranged in a user-friendly manner that makes navigation of the site and finding the desired information easier.  The new site also includes new information and illustrative tools such as tables of indicators presenting economic statistics, new charts and dynamic graphs, consumer guides, a component illustrating banknote security features, and new videos on the Bank's functions. A large amount of English language content has been added and for the first time some of the content is also presented in Arabic.
The expansive and upgraded information on the new website is organized in several content areas: About the Bank of Israel, Consumer Information, Publications, Monetary Policy, Markets, Research, Statistics, Banking Supervision, Payment Systems, Currency, and Education, as well as open positions and tenders, and methods to contact the Bank.
In addition to the improvement, expansion and reorganization of the content presented on the site, the site's graphic design is more in line with modern Internet sites.
An advanced search engine has been installed on the site in order to make it easier for users to access the desired information.
The business side of the project was managed by Dr. Ohad Bar-Efrat, Head of Information and International Relations Division, and the technology side was led by Ms. Ahuva Ben-Shalom, Deputy Director of Information Technology. Various departments at the Bank participated in the project, with the Bank's Director General, Mr. Hezi Kalo, leading the overall Steering Committee and Mr. Doron Pelech, Director of the Information Technology Department, leading the steering committee for technological issues. An external consultant, Mr. Alon Bin-Nun, helped in developing the site’s specifications, and the site was built by Ewave.