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The Bank of Israel brings to the public’s attention that in the coming days, coins in the NIS 10, NIS 5, NIS 1/2, and 10 agorot denominations with the Hebrew mint year 5782 (equivalent to the Gregorian year 2022) will enter into circulation with updated inscriptions.  The word “Sheqalim” will be replaced in English with the word “Shekels”. In addition, the words “New Shekel” will be added in Arabic to the half-shekel coin and the word “Agorot” will be added in Arabic to the 10 agorot coin.


The inscriptions have been updated in accordance with guidelines from the Academy of the Hebrew Language and the Academy of the Arabic Language in Israel, and have been brought in line with the existing inscriptions on banknotes and commemorative coins issued by the Bank of Israel.  No changes have been made on the obverse side of the coins, which remain as they have been since first issued.


Coins bearing the previous inscriptions will remain legal tender and remain in circulation alongside the coins bearing the new inscriptions.  The coins bearing the new inscriptions will be distribute in the coming days through the banking corporations, the Postal Bank, and the Bank of Israel’s public cash desk in Jerusalem.


In the coming months, NIS 1 and NIS 2 coins bearing updated inscriptions will also be distributed.

For more information on coins and banknotes in circulation and the security features embedded in them, please visit the Bank of Israel’s website at  For questions regarding Israeli currency, please contact the Bank of Israel Currency Department by email at, or by phone at 1-800-300-018.