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The Bank of Israel announces to the public that in the coming days, NIS 50 denomination banknotes of print year 2022 (5782), bearing the signature of the serving Governor, Prof. Amir Yaron, will be distributed among the public for the first time. This is in accordance with the provisions of Section 42(a) of the Bank of Israel Law, 5770–2010, which establish that banknotes issued to the public shall bear the facsimile signature of the Governor of the Bank of Israel.

Other than this change, the banknotes are completely identical to the banknotes of the same denomination that are already in circulation, and that will remain valid.

The NIS 50 denomination banknote will join the NIS 200,NIS 100 and NIS 20 banknotes bearing the signature of the Governor, Prof. Amir Yaron, which entered circulation in the last two years.[1]  

:The following are samples of the banknotes that will be in circulation

:NIS 50

One, from 5782–2022, bearing the signature of the Governor, Prof. Amir Yaron

Credit: Bank of Israel



.A second, from 5774–2014, bearing the signature of the previous Governor, Prof. Karnit Flug

Credit: Bank of Israel

The banknote will be distributed to the public via commercial bank tellers, ATMs, and Postal Bank branches.

Additional information on the banknotes in circulation and the security features incorporated in them can be found on the Bank of Israel website at and at the website for the new banknotes,

For enquiries or questions regarding currency, please contact the Bank of Israel Currency Department by email at or via the call center at 1-800-300-018.

*The official sizes and colors are solely those of the banknotes in circulation.