• ​  In the first quarter of 2022, the balance of the public’s financial assets portfolio declined by approximately NIS 60 billion (1.2 percent), to about NIS 4.99 trillion, following an upward trend in recent years.
  •  The decline in the first quarter was mainly due to declines in the balance of investments abroad (4.5 percent), government bonds and makam (2.9 percent), and tradable corporate bonds (1.3 percent), in view of the price declines on bond indices and on equity indices abroad.  In contrast, the equity indices in Israel increased, which slightly offset the decline in the portfolio.
  •  The balance of the asset portfolio managed by institutional investors declined in the first quarter by approximately NIS 27 billion (1.1 percent), to about NIS 2.37 trillion at the end of the quarter.
  •   Institutional investors’ rate of exposure to foreign assets declined by about 0.3 percentage points during the quarter, while their exposure to foreign currency increased by about 0.2 percentage points, mainly due to foreign exchange purchases through derivative instruments.
  • The value of the portfolio managed by mutual funds in Israel declined by about NIS 11 billion (2.9 percent) in the 
  • first quarter, to about NIS 387 billion.  There were withdrawals mainly from funds specializing in Israeli and foreign bonds

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