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  •  In the first quarter of 2013 the value of the public's financial assets portfolio increased by about 1.2 percent in real terms (by NIS 34 billion), and reached NIS 2.75 trillion at the end of March.

  •  Most of the growth was registered in the value of the domestic shares portfolio, which increased by NIS 20 billion (5 percent), due primarily to the increase in share prices on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), and in the foreign shares component of the public’s assets portfolio abroad, which increased by about NIS 12 billion (6.5 percent), primarily in net investments abroad by institutional investors.

  •  As a result of the above developments, the share of tradable assets in the portfolio increased by 0.7 percentage points in the first quarter while the share of deposits in Israel and abroad declined.

  • There was a net increase of around NIS 19 billion (11 percent) in the section of the portfolio managed through mutual funds in the first quarter of 2013, primarily through growth of NIS 15 billion in money market funds.