Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Yaron, and other members of the Bank of Israel management, toured Be'er Sheva yesterday as part of a pre-planned visit.  The Governor met with Ben-Gurion University President Prof. Daniel Haimovich, from whom he heard about the university's development plans in various fields of research.

 The Governor also met with the heads of the Economics, Business Administration, and Management Departments, and visited the Deutsche Telecom laboratories in the advanced technologies park next to the university.

 Later in the day, the Governor visited the Cyber Israel National Cyber Directorate, and the Bank of Israel's Central Credit Register call center, both of which are located in Be'er Sheva.

 The security situation was not the reason for the Governor's planned visit to Be'er Sheva.  The Governor had also planned to deliver a lecture to Economics and Management students at the university, and to participate in activities to present employment options at the Bank of Israel to students from the university.  However, these activities could not take place due to the cancellation of studies at the university, and will be held at a later date.​