Governor of the Bank of Israel Dr. Karnit Flug announced her decision to appoint Tsuriel Tamam, CPA, as Supervisor of Credit Data Sharing. Tamam has served since October 2015 as the manager of the business side of the project to establish the Central Credit Register, and from now will serve as Supervisor pursuant to the requirements in law.




Within the framework of his function as Supervisor of Credit Data Sharing, Tamam, who will report to the Deputy Governor, will act to implement the Credit Data Sharing Law and to build a database of credit data, to be led by the Bank of Israel. The goal of the credit register is to reduce the information gaps between credit providers and to increase the competition in the retail credit segment, for the public’s benefit, while maintaining the values of fairness and privacy. The experience that Tsuriel Tamam, CPA, brings with him to the position is a significant contribution to the complex project of great importance to the Israeli economy.