The Bank of Israel calls on the public to get to know the new banknote and its security features via publicity pamphlets, the internet, and a cellular application that are being launched today.
The new NIS 50 banknote—the first in the new series of banknotes (Series C of the New Shekel)—bearing the likeness of Shaul Tchernichovsky, enters circulation today.  As of this morning, the new banknote is being distributed to the public through commercial bank tellers, automated teller machines, and Israel Postal Company branches.
The new 50 Sheqel note

The new banknotes have a standard of security, innovation and accessibility that is among the most advanced world, and they incorporate a range of leading edge anti-counterfeiting security features, created through various technologies.  In addition, the new banknotes include special features to aid the blind and vision impaired.
The NIS 50 banknotes currently in use, bearing the likeness of S. Y. Agnon (Series B of the New Shekel) will continue to be legal tender for several years, and will remain in circulation in parallel with the new banknotes.  When the older banknotes are deposited at the Bank of Israel, they will gradually be replaced with banknotes from the new series.  Since the process of replacing the banknotes is gradual, the public does not need to take any action to replace the banknotes at this stage.  Later on, the Bank of Israel will publish the date upon which the banknotes from Series B will no longer be legal tender, and will set the period for replacing the banknotes from Series B.
Since the replacement of a series of banknotes takes place once in many years, preparation is required for the new banknote to enter circulation.  Therefore, with the aim of increasing awareness as the new banknote is put into circulation, the Bank of Israel has recently embarked on a public information campaign, as part of which announcements and information pamphlets in five languages have been distributed via commercial bank branches, the Israel Postal Company, and various commercial and public bodies.
The Bank of Israel invites the public to get to know the new banknote, its characteristics and its security features at, on the “boinote”[1] mobile application, and via the information pamphlets, announcements in the media, and at the telephone call center at 1-800-300-018. 

[1] At this stage, the application is available for Android users, and it will be available for Apple users within the next few days.  The application is available at the following link: