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The Payment Systems Oversight at the Bank of Israel is publishing below the “join-up dates”, meaning the dates on which fintech companies and other entities can begin activity in the payment systems.


The join-up dates for the various systems were published by the operators of the Zahav, Masav, and Shva systems, in accordance with the Bank of Israel instruction published as a press release on December 11, 2022.


This instruction joins a series of steps promoted by the Bank of Israel to increase the efficiency in connecting fintech companies, bigtech companies, credit and savings unions[1], and additional relevant banking entities to the payment systems. Access to the payment systems will enable new participants to offer payment services and other financial services to the public.


Following are the “join-up dates” for the next two years, as published by the payment system operators:


  • For the Zahav (RTGS) system, operated by the Bank of Israel, the dates are: April and November 2023, June and November 2024.

For a link to the Bank of Israel website with the publication:


  • For the (a) Credits, Debits, and Payment transfers, and (b) Faster Payments systems, operated by Masav, the dates are April and November 2023, and April and November 2024.

Following is a link to the Masav website with the publication:


  • For the (a) Payment cards services (Ashrait) and (b) Automated Teller Machine (ATM) systems, operated by Shva, the dates are: January and July 2023, January and July 2024.

Following is a link to the Shva website with the publication:


Payment and Settlement Systems Department Director Mr. Oded Salomy said, “Due to the Bank of Israel instruction, new participants can coordinate in advance their joining the payment systems, from among the possible dates that were established by the system operators. We urge new participants that are interested in acting in the payment systems to contact the Payment Systems Oversight at the Bank of Israel in order to receive advice on the possibility of activity on the payment systems.”[2]


[1] Referring to “Deposit and Credit Unions”, which are known to the general public as “Credit and Savings Unions”.

[2] The contact can also be made by, among other things, email: