• In view of the government decisions to further ease activity restrictions, as of May 4, 2020, public reception at the banking system’s branches will be expanded and the rate of branches open to the public will increase from 30 percent to 50 percent of all branches.
  • Public reception will be concentrated at designated branches across the country, which will provide all services provided prior to the corona outbreak.
  • This measure will enable continuity in the provision of banking services to the public, while maintaining public health.
  • ​The Banking Supervision Department calls on the public to make a wide variety of banking transactions by direct means: phone, ATMs, banking applications, and the banks’ websites.


Following Ministry of Health guidelines and government decisions regarding an easement of activity restrictions, and with the desire to enable continuity in the provision of banking services to the broad public while maintaining public health, the Banking Supervision issues the following guidelines:

     1.The rate of branches that will be open for customers  shall be no less than 50 percent of the total number of the banking corporation’s branches;

    2.The customer in-person branches shall be determined taking into account proper geographic dispersion and the ability to provide banking services to the broad customer public;

      3.These branches shall provide all services provided prior to the corona crisis;

     4. The banking corporations must continue to encourage customers to transition to receiving services through digital means and by telephone;

      5. The Supervisor of Banks is permitted to set out various directives regarding the opening of branches to the public on certain days and regarding the services to be provided therein.​


The following is a link to the list of branches operating on an emergency basis in view of the corona pandemic (in Hebrew):