How did people pay for things before coins were invented?  What is the first series of banknotes issued in Israel? What is the source of the word “Nagid” (Governor)? What is inflation? What is the main function of the Bank of Israel?


The Bank of Israel invites you to its Visitors Center in Tel Aviv on the intermediate days of Sukkot to discover the answers—and much more!


Through exhibits, guided tours, and films:


  •        We will learn about the origins of Israel’s coins and banknotes and how they reflect the heritage of the nation and the State.


  •       We will become acquainted with the new banknotes as well as with the process of issuing money and the security features incorporated against counterfeiting.


  •        We will find out about the Bank of Israel’s functions and its contribution to country’s economy. In particular, we will emphasize the main function of the Bank of Israel—maintaining price stability.


There is no cost for the visit, but advance registration is required.


Tour dates:

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (Sept. 25–27) at 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30, and on Friday (Sept. 28) at 10:00 and 11:30,


The tours last approximately an hour and a quarter, and are appropriate for adults and children aged 8 and older.


Places are limited, so signing up early is recommended.




To sign up or for questions:

Bank of Israel

37 Lilienblum St., Tel Aviv


Tel:            03-564-0781/2