The Bank of Israel has been updated regarding data leakage from the Paybox payments application, and is closely monitoring developments.  Alongside the actions taken by Bank Discount, the Bank of Israel in consultation with the National Cyber Directorate has instructed the bank regarding additional steps that it must take.  The Privacy Protection Authority in the Justice Ministry has also been updated regarding the details of the incident.


According to the analysis we have performed there is no concern of direct monetary damage to customers using the application as a result of the information that has been exposed.  The Bank of Israel continues to examine the details of the incident.


In view of the increase in financial activity using digital means, and as we have previously stated, we recommend that the public remain vigilant against attempted fraud (such as “Phishing”) and act according to defensive recommendations that the Bank of Israel has already published, which can be found here (in Hebrew):


The Banking Supervision Department will carry out an in-depth investigation of the incident, and based on the findings, it will instruct the bank and the banking system regarding further actions.​​