The Bank of Israel publishes its Annual Report for 2002

The Bank of Israel published its Annual Report for 2002 today, in accordance with section 59 of the Bank of Israel Law, 5714-1954. The report comprises six parts which have been prepared by the Bank's various departments.

The report contains information and analyses based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, monetary data, and figures on foreign-currency activities collected in the Bank of Israel.

For the first time, an English translation of the main chapters and summaries appears on the Internet simultaneously with the Hebrew. A full English version will be published in the near future and will also appear on the Internet.

The various sections of the Annual Report are as follows:

Research Department
The Economy: Developments and Policies, including the governor's letter
Output and Principal Industries, The Labor Market, The Budget and the General Government

Monetary Department
Inflation, Monetary Policy, and Developments in the Money and Capital Markets

Foreign Currency Department
Investment of the Foreign Exchange Reserves and
Developments in the Foreign Currency Market

Foreign Exchange Activity Department
The Balance of Payments: Israel's Foreign Currency Activities, and
Activity in the NIS-Forex Market

Comptroller's Office
Financial Statements for 2002

Statistical Appendix on CDRom and on the Internet.