Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Yaron has established a search committee for the position of Director General of the Bank of Israel, after Mr. Hezi Kalo announced his plan to step down from the position on September 15, 2020, following 12 years at the Bank of Israel.

 The search committee will be led by the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel, Mr. Andrew Abir.  The other members of the committee will be Bank of Israel Legal Counsel Tida Shamir, Ms. Maxine Fassberg, and Prof. Zvi Eckstein, Dean of the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center’s School of Economics.

 The search committee will publish information regarding how to submit candidacies for the position, interview candidates that it finds suitable, and recommend a small number of candidates to the Governor.  The search committee and the Governor will be able to also approach candidates who do not submit candidacies on their own accord to the committee.

 The Governor thanks the committee members for their readiness to help in the important process of choosing the Bank of Israel’s Director General.