Dr, Eyal Rozen, Director of the Information and Statistics Department at the Bank of Israel, announced the appointment of Ms. Shelly Reiss Barel as Head of the Customers Division in the Department.  Ms. Reiss will replace Mr. Yair Haim, who will soon be retiring from the Bank.


Shelly will head a division that is entrusted with identifying and defining the data and information needs of the Bank and of the Monetary Committee, including initiating the closing of information gaps, which is necessary for managing the Bank’s policy and fulfilling its roles.  In addition, the Division manages the main access channels to statistical information within the Bank and on its website, is responsible for handling public requests for information, and coordinates the Bank of Israel’s financial statistics reports to international institutions and the Central Bureau of Statistics.


Ms. Reiss Barel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science and a Master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration, both from the Hebrew University of Jersualem.  She is a graduate of the National Security College, and holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and National Security from Haifa University.


Shelly began her professional career at the Bank of Israel in 1997 in the Foreign Exchange Supervision Division, and over the years she has served as Head of the Monetary Planning Tem in the Foreign Exchange Market Operations Division.  Since 2008, she has served as Head of the Economics Unit in the Information and Statistics Department.  She lives in Mevasseret Tzion, and is married with two children.


Dr. Eyal Rozen, Director of the Information and Statistics Division, said, “Shelly brings to the position tremendous knowledge and years of experience in a variety of positions at the Bank of Israel.  I wish her tremendous success in her job.

“At this opportunity, I would like to wish Mr. Yair Haim success in the future, and to thank him for many years in which he contributed, in various positions, to designing the Bank of Israel’s policy.”​