Shai Rosenstock, CPA, will take on the role of head Internal Auditor at the Bank of Israel in January 2016. Mr. Rosenstock is currently ending his role as head Internal Auditor and employee ombudsman at the Meuhedet Health Fund, where he served for the past four years. Prior to that, he served as head Internal Auditor and Ombudsman at the Israel Electric Corporation, and as head Internal Auditor and employee complaints representative at the Ashdod Port Company. Mr. Rosenstock earned a Bachelors degree in Economics and Accounting (cum laude) and a Masters in Business Administration (with a major in Finance) from Bar-Ilan University, and holds CISA certification.

The decision to appoint Mr. Rosenstock to the position was reached, in accordance with the Bank of Israel Law, by the Bank’s Supervisory Council, and following consultation with the Governor of the Bank of Israel. Following notification by Shula Mishli, CPA, that she is stepping down from the role after serving as Internal Auditor at the Bank for the past 15 years, the Search Committee—Ytzhak Edelman, CPA, (Chairman), Mr. Uri Galili, and Professor Nina Zaltzman—met to seek candidates for the role. At the end of the process, the Supervisory Council accepted the Committee’s recommendation, and decided to appoint Shai Rosenstock, CPA, to the position.

Shai Rosenstock, CPA, said, “It will be an honor for me to head the Internal Audit of one of the important institutions in Israel’s economy. I thank the Bank’s Supervisory Council and the Governor for choosing me and for the trust they’ve placed in me”.

Governor of the Bank of Israel Dr. Karnit Flug said, “This is an opportunity to thank Shula Mishli and express our appreciation for her work, leading the Bank of Israel’s Internal Audit function superbly for many years. I wish Shai much success in his important role.”

Mr. Uri Galili, Chairman of the Bank of Israel’s Supervisory Council, said, “The audit function at the Bank of Israel has a very important role in ensuring the proper and professional conduct of an overseeing entity with the utmost importance to the functioning of Israel’s economy. I thank Shai for his willingness to take on the role and I wish him great success, and I thank Shula for her considerable contribution to the work of the Supervisory Council.”