The Bank of Israel today is publishing a report on the Bank’s activity from the perspective of the media and the public’s economic awareness in 2021. The report concentrates the hundreds of press releases published by the Bank of Israel in 2021, arranged chronologically as well as by main economic issues. These issues include monetary policy, the world of banking and credit, the world of payments and digital, advising the government on economic issues, as well as speeches by the Governor and other senior officials at the Bank.


The entire report is digital and user friendly. Clicking on a link from any notice leads to its designated page on the website, with a range of related data and graphs, as well as to watching the speeches, presentations, and press conferences on the Bank’s Youtube channel.


The report was compiled by the Spokesperson and Economic Information Division in the Communications, Government and Community Relations Department at the Bank of Israel.


Communications, Government and Community Relations Department Director Ms. Nurit Felter-Eitan said, “Making the Bank’s activity accessible, through the report, creates a portrait of the situation of Israel’s economy in one place, and makes it possible to deep-dive into the economic issues. This is a document that reflects the accelerated activity of the Spokesperson’s office 2021.”


Bank of Israel Spokesperson Uri Barazani said, “I believe that the work of economic awareness is extremely important. It enables the public and markets to better understand the Bank of Israel’s steps, and assists the Bank in achieving its various goals.  When the public’s awareness increases, the effectiveness of the steps and reforms that we lead increases, both for macroeconomic steps and certainly for those that are consumer related. Thus, ultimately the citizen and consumer gain and can act with greater economic understanding”.​