Ms. Pnina Keren, Director of the Bank of Israel's Human Resources and Administration Department, has asked the Bank of Israel Governor to step down from her position at the Bank on April 30, 2020, following eight years in the position.


Pnina Keren led significant processes that changed the organizational and administrative culture at the Bank of Israel, and positioned the Bank at the forefront of innovation in her department's areas of activity.


Under her leadership, the Human Resources and Administration Department implemented processes to prepare the human resource for the challenges of the future world of labor, developed tracks for professional advancement and career tracks to maintain and create an employment horizon for employees, created a culture of sharing and employee involvement from all ranks in practical projects, created the infrastructure for expanding employment diversity and the hiring of employees from diverse backgrounds at the Bank of Israel, and more.  Ms. Keren insisted on relationships of trust and cooperation between the bank's management and employee representatives, which led to the employee representatives being full partners in the processes implemented within the Bank.  Recently, Ms. Keren worked closely with the Governor to design and build the Bank's human resources strategy.


Ms. Keren worked to raise the professional and technological level of the Bank's Purchasing Division, adjust the deployment of the safety and security administration in accordance with the Bank's changing needs, design a supportive and green work environment at the Bank's premises, and more.  She deepened the Bank of Israel's working relationships with other central banks and the mutual learning in the unique field of managing human resources and the logistics of central banks.


Pnina Keren said, "With tremendous satisfaction, I am stepping down from a position that is a singularly important mission.  I was fortunate to influence the Bank of Israel's organizational culture, logistics infrastructure, and human resources in a superb organization that is blessed with talented employees and managers who each in their own area work for the benefit of the Israeli economy.  I feel that I have put significant processes into motion, and that now is the right time for me to continue on to new challenges.  I thank Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Yaron for his attentiveness and partnership, and for the opportunity to take part in building the strategy that will influence the future of the Bank.  I would also like to thank former governors Prof. Stanley Fischer and Prof. Karnit Flug for their support and backing for the path I laid down, and to Bank of Israel Director General Hezi Kalo for his professional partnership and guidance that enabled me to bring what I planned to practical fruition.  Special thanks to the employees of the professional and wonderful department that I managed, and to the members of the Bank's management for the intensive work that created an atmosphere of cooperation and achievement."


Bank of Israel Director General Hezi Kalo said, "Pnina brought to the Bank advanced concepts from leading organizations in the world of human resources, and led significant changes that adapted the organizational culture at the Bank to the significant challenges facing the Bank in the years to come.  Pnina deals with every challenge and difficulty pleasantly and with a smile, which has helped her mobilize the entire bank for the work she led.  I wish Pnina success in her future endeavors."


Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Yaron said, "The human resource and the logistics infrastructure are a critical base for the work of any organization, and central banks have unique needs and challenges in this area.  Pnina brought the professional cutting edge of this field to the world of the central bank's activity.  I think Pnina for her initiative, dedication, and intensive work on behalf of the Bank of Israel and the Israeli economy, and wish her success​