​The final milestone in the implementation of the EMV framework—to which all businesses were required to complete switching—as outlined by the Governor of the Bank of Israel[1], was completed in July 2022 with great success. This step places Israel in line with advanced countries worldwide, and upgrades the area of advanced and innovative payments, which became an integral part of the transaction experience at businesses in Israel.


Based on data from Shva, as of July 2022[2]:

  •  Approximately 98 percent of payment terminals in Israel have been shifted to the EMV system[3]
  •   Approximately 88 percent of total transactions are carried out in the EMV system
  •   Approximately 65 percent of transactions in the EMV system are carried out via “smart payment”[4]
  • ​  Approximately 81 percent of “smart payments” are contactless



[2] Further information on the scope of EMV integration in Israel can  be found at the Shva website:


[3] A small number of businesses that began the process of switching to EMV, about 2 percent, experienced complications in implementing the switch, and in order to assist those businesses, specific outlines were established for completing their shift to the EMV standard.

[4] Smart payments are contactless transactions, and transactions carried out with the card present, by the customer’s authentication, such as a confidential PIN.