The new series of banknotes is in the final stages of design. The first two banknotes, in denominations of NIS 50 and NIS 200, are expected to be issued in the second half of 2013, and the other two denominations, NIS 20 and NIS 100, are expected to be issued in the beginning of 2014. The name of the currency will remain "New Shekel".
As previously noted, banknotes in the new series will incorporate advanced security features, and will be of varying sizes in order to assist the visually impaired to distinguish between the various denominations. Following are details regarding the various denominations—the figures whose portraits will appear on them, their size, and color:
NIS 20
NIS 50
NIS 100
NIS 200
Rachel the Poetess (Bluwstein)
Shaul Tchernichovsky
Leah Goldberg
Natan Alterman
Dominant color:
Size (in mm)
The Bank of Israel met last week with the parties responsible for cash at the commercial banks and with Association of Banks in Israel representatives to update them on the required preparations ahead of the issue of the new series of banknotes.
During the meeting, the banks were informed that they and manufacturers of vending machine mechanisms will receive samples of the new banknotes enough time in advance to be able to calibrate their various machines for the identification of the new banknotes.