​Further to the announcement of Dan Propper earlier this year of his intention to step down from his position, and after three years of service as the first Chairman of the Bank of Israel Supervisory Council, Mr. Propper today ended his service as a member of the Supervisory Council and as its Chairman. Until the process of appointing a permanent Chairman is completed, Supervisory Council member Mr. Uri Galili will serve as Acting Chairman.
At the end of the Supervisory Council meeting today, Propper noted the cooperation he received from Bank of Israel employees, and in particular the collaboration with the Director General and management, and he thanked the Governor for her support of the Supervisory Council’s work.
Governor of the Bank of Israel Dr. Karnit Flug said, “I again thank Dan for the central role he played on the Supervisory Council from the day it was formed, and for his significant contribution to the implementation of the corporate governance regime at the Bank, in accordance with the new Bank of Israel Law. It was a great privilege to work alongside him.”