Bank of Israel Governor Dr. Karnit Flug announced her decision today to appoint Col. Avner Ziv as Director of the Bank of Israel Information Technology Department and as a member of the Bank’s management.  The Information Technology Department is tasked with operating the computer systems supporting the Bank’s objectives, implementing advanced technology systems, and consulting the Bank’s management in the area of computer strategy.  Col. Ziv will soon be retiring from the IDF, and will be starting his position in April 2015.  Col. Ziv holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Business Administration with distinction.

In October 2014, following the announcement by Mr. Doron Pelach of his intention to complete his service at the Bank, the Governor appointed a search committee to fill the position of Director of the Information Technology Department.  The committee was led by the Bank of Israel Director General, Mr. Hezi Kalo, and included as members Ms. Esther Levanon, former Director General of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and Ms. Pnina Keren, Director of the Human Resources and Administration Department at the Bank of Israel.  After interviewing dozens of candidates, the committee recommended Col. Ziv for the position.
Col. Avner Ziv is currently finishing a 28-year military career, during which time he filled a series of senior positions in the information and technology systems field in the IDF.  In recent years, he has led the military software efforts in the professional are, and was a member of the senior management forum of the General Staff’s Computer Service Directorate.  In 2011, he was appointed as Commander of the IDF’s IT systems software development program, and in 2013 he established the IDF’s central software development program for operational and administrative systems, which recent won the Chief of Staff’s Prize as the best technological unit.  In recent years, Col. Ziv has led the master plan for upgrading the IDF’s information systems (ERP) and established a network-based-combat systems development group which developed operational abilities that won great esteem in the IDF and were a significant factor in the recent military operations.
Bank of Israel Governor Dr. Karnit Flug said, “I thank the members of the search committee for their intensive and dedicated work.  Col. Avner Ziv’s tremendous experience in leading large computer systems in such a significant institution will be an asset to the Bank of Israel, and I wish him success in leading the Information Technology Department.