Given the tremendous importance of fresh ideas among the managers and employees of the Banking Supervision Department, two of the Department’s Deputy Supervisors will be switching positions. Ms. Ricky Elias, who currently manages the Policy and Regulation Division, and Ms. Revital Keisar-Stoya, who currently manages the Offsite Evaluation Division, will be switching positions effective August 15, 2022.

In their new positions, Ms. Elias will manage the Offsite Evaluation Division, which is responsible for the ongoing monitoring, analysis, and evaluation of risks and corporate governance at the banks and credit card companies, and Ms. Keisar-Stoya will manage the Policy and Regulation Division, which is responsible for formulating the Banking Supervision Department’s regulatory policy, Directives on Reporting to the Banking Supervision Department, and the receipt and economic analysis of reports from the banks.

Supervisor of Banks Yair Avidan said, “I believe that changes of this kind contribute to strengthening the professional base, help promote new thinking, and contribute to cooperation between units within the Department.  I wish Revital and Ricky much success in their new positions, and I am certain that these changes will help us continue our activity for the benefit of the public and the economy.”​