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The Monetary Committee makes a decision on the interest rate each month, on the last Monday of the liquidity month (the Monday preceding the last Wednesday of the calendar month).  Until now, the announcement has been published at 17:30, an hour after the close of trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.  In June 2013, trading on the Stock Exchange was extended such that trading in stocks and bonds ends at 17:25, and trading in derivatives ends at 17:35.  The foreign exchange market operates even after that time.
Having assessed the accepted practices at a number of central banks around the world, the Monetary Committee has decided to bring forward the time of publishing the interest rate decision to 16:00 - a time when there is still lively trading and sufficient market depth in all of the relevant markets.  This publication time will enable those active in all of the markets to respond to the interest rate decision, thereby creating symmetry between the various markets.
Bringing the announcement of the interest rate decision forward to 16:00 will come into effect with the next interest rate decision, on April 28, 2014.