The Conference Playlist​

Presentation - Dr. Adi Brender, Head of Macroeconomic and Policy Division - Research Department - "EITC Effects on the Employment of Eligible Wirkers and their Spouses

Presentation - Tamar Ramot-Nyska, Research Department - "Public Housing Homeownership and Neighbohood Quality"

Presentation - Laurence Boone - Chief Economist, OECD - "Inclusive Growth in OECD Countries"

Panel on Monetary Policy and Inflation Targeting

Presentation - Jiri Rusnok, Governor of The Czech National Bank - The Case of the Czech Republic

Presentation - Ilan Goldfajn, Governor of The Central Bank of Brazil - The Case of Brazil

Presentation - Jacob Frenkel, Former BOI Governor - Lessons and Global Challenges

Presentation - Reuben Gronau, Member of the BOI MPC

CommentsNadine Baudot-Trajtenberg, Deputy Governor - Global Challenges and Inflation Targeting - The case of Israel

Governor's remarks at the farewell conference