Table Name Excel PDF
​​Table 1.1​ Principle ban​king system indices​ xlsx pdf
Table 1.2​ ​​Structure of the banking system xlsx pdf
​Table 1.3 ​Main items in consolidated profit and loss statements of the five banking groups xlsx pdf
​Table 1.4 ​The effect of quantity and price on interest income and expenses xlsx pdf
​Table 1.5 Average balances, interest income and expense rates, and interest rate gap in respect of assets and liabilities xlsx pdf
Table 1.6​ Fees and other income, and operating expenses xlsx pdf
​Table 1.7​ Unit output cost and efficiency ratio of the banking corporations xlsx pdf
Table 1.8 Expenses of the five banking groups in respect of employees xlsx pdf
​Table 1.9​ Number of employee posts and expenses by annual wage level xlsx pdf
Table 1.10 Outstanding credit to the public, by principal industries xlsx pdf
Table 1.1​1 ​Supervisory Activity Segments - Balance-Sheet Balances and Performance Indices xlsx pdf
Table 1.12​ ​Indices of balance-sheet credit quality, by principal industry xlsx pdf
Table 1.13 ​Indices of credit portfolio quality of the five banking groups xlsx pdf
​Table 1.14 ​Distribution of capital and capital ratios at the five banking groups xlsx pdf
Table 1.15​ Main capital indices of the five banking groups xlsx pdf
Table 1.16 Distribution of the holdings of bank shares and dividends distributed xlsx pdf
​Table 1.17 Balance sheet of the total Israeli banking system xlsx pdf
​Table 1.1​8 Securities portfolio of the total banking system xlsx pdf
Table 1.19 Transactions in off-balance-sheet financial instruments where the par value reflects credit risk, total banking system xlsx pdf
Table 1.20​ Distribution of the balance of derivative instruments, total banking system xlsx pdf
Table 2.1.1 ​Switching rate of current accounts between banks xlsx pdf
Table 2.1.2 Distribution of switching customers, by type of additional products used other than current account in the account-opening period, total banking sys tem xlsx pdf
​Table 3.1​ Materials relating to credit arrangements for large borrowers that the BSD published in the framework of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee​ xlsx pdf
Table 3.1.1 Analysis of data–2018 compared with 2017​ xlsx pdf
​Table 3.2.1 Risk cards used during the last SREP conducted in 2018​ xlsx pdf
Table 3.2​ Written enquiries received by the Public Enquiries Unit​ xlsx pdf
​Table 3.3 Number of restricted customers​ xlsx pdf
Table 3.4​ Number of restricted accounts​​ xlsx​ pdf