Table​ ​Name ​Excel ​PDF
1.1​ Principal banking system indices xls pdf
1.2​ Banking system structure xls​​ pdf
1.3​ Balance sheet xls​​ pdf​
1.4​ Transactions in off-balance-sheet financial instruments (credit risk) xls​​ pdf​
1.5​ Distribution of the balance of derivative instruments xls​​ pdf​
1.6​ Distribution of outstanding credit to the public by principal industries xls​​ pdf​
1.7​ Credit quality indices, by principle industry xls​​ pdf​
1.8​ Indices of credit portfolio quality xls​​ pdf​
1.9​ Exposure to foreign countries xls​​ pdf​
1.10​ Current credit exposure to foreign financial institutions xls​​ pdf​
1.11​ Exposure to changes in interest rates xls​​ pdf​
1.12​ Exposure to changes in the CPI and the exchange rate xls​​ pdf​
1.13​ Selected liquidity indices xls​​ pdf​
1.14​ The supervisory model ratio, stress scenario, and selected liquidity concentration indices xls​​ pdf​
1.15​ Distribution of capital and capital ratios xls​​ pdf​
1.16​ Main items in consolidated profit and loss statements xls​​ pdf​
1.17​ Fees and other income, and operating expenses xls​​ pdf​
1.18​ Salaries and related expenses xls​​ pdf​
1.19​ Average cost and efficiency ratio xls​​ pdf​
1.20​ Performance indices by activity segments xls​​ pdf​
A.1.1​ Principal housing loan market indicators, entire banking system xls​​ pdf​
A.1.2​ Indices of concentration of the portfolio of credit to the public xls​​ pdf​
A.1.3​ Distribution of outstanding credit to the public by borrower size xls​​ pdf​
A.1.4​ Securities portfolio xls​​ pdf​
A.1.5​ Risk Adjusted Return on Capital; the variance-covariance approach xls​​ pdf​