Israel's Banking System - First Half of 2013 - Figures​



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1​ Return on Equity (ROE) xls​ Pdf
Core Tier 1 and Tier 2 capital ratios and total capital ratio
xls​ Pdf​
3​ Annual change in balance-sheet credit to principal sectors xls​ Pdf​
4​ Distribution of balance-sheet credit xls​ Pdf​
Business sector product growth (nominal), rate of increase in banking credit to the business sector, and ratio of credit to business sector product
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Balance of residential loans
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7​ EDF of Israeli corporations xls​ Pdf​
8​ Yield spread between corporate bonds and CPI-indexed government bonds, by industry xls​ Pdf​
9​ Ratio of annual loan loss provisions to total balance sheet credit by sector​​ xls​ Pdf​
10​ Credit risk of the 100 largest borrowers out of total credit risk xls​ Pdf​
11​ Average credit risk rating by principal industries xls​ Pdf​
12​ The five major banking groups' securities portfolio—size and composition xls​ Pdf
13​ Market value to book value (MV/BV) and Tel Aviv Index xls​ Pdf​